12/21 "contribution to society seminar to support the times of with corona"

 "Contribution to society seminar to support the times of with corona"

    <we support sustainable development target (SDGs)>

◆Holding purpose
 With expansion of new coronavirus infectious disease, various social problems are actualized in various parts of Japan. 
 We are combined with trend regarding penetration of "sustainable development target (SDGs) of the United Nations" and demand from various stakeholders, employee engagement (trust and attachment to the company) as important at the same time to explore new way of working in unprecedented corona evil in the company, and further contribution to society is expected. 
 On the other hand, ahead of other groups, we supported with donation to urgent support activity closed temporarily from March 4, and Central Community Chest of Japan cooperated with community chest society of the whole country from May and developed donation and the furtherance to support caring under the corona infection. We have much contribution led by domestic and foreign companies, and height of interest in corona support is shown in such a support program.
 We make about this furtherance program that had you support from all of you widely at this opportunity and draw the fact of society problem in corona whirlpool up from example of activity group, and what kind of support activity is required or, also, what kind of contribution to society is practiced in the company and is required in future or connects with thought, future practice from company, activity group, the furtherance group, each position about "contribution to society activity to support the times of with corona" together. Please participate.

Detailed (held essential point) is this

◆Date and time Monday, December 21, 2020 from 15:00 to 17:15
Participation method online (zoom uebina)
Entrance fee    Free (as for the communication costs each person it burdens)
Main target company that person in charge of contribution to society, employee donor, personal donor, NPO are interested in activity group, the furtherance group, middle support group, other contribution to society
◆500 capacity online (the first application order. Apply early)

◆Program (plan)
1. Sponsor greetings
2. Urgent support activity (report) by corona evil to see for the furtherance business (15 minutes)
 About urgent support furtherance program under the new corona infection of red feather (interim report)
 Social Welfare Corporation Central Community Chest of Japan
3. Basic tone lecture (40 minutes)
 [theme] What is demanded as social problem judging from corona evil and social member
 [lecturer] Naohiko Jinno (Japan College of Social Work's president/University of Tokyo's emeritus professor)
  Please tell about "what is it that social problem judging from corona evil and we citizen (individual, corporate citizen) are demanded as social member?".
4. Panel discussion (include example report, questions and answers) (1 hour 15 minutes)
[theme] About "contribution to society to support the times of with corona"
 With progress of infectious disease expansion, social problem transforms, too, and support needs change, too.
 With various places where contribution to society is in charge of in activity group, company of the "caring support whole country campaign under red feather new model corona infection" furtherance, we connect with thought, future practice about "contribution to society to support the times of with corona" while being based on basic tone lecture.
[coordinator] Emiko Nagasawa (the Japan Business Federation SDGs headquarters unification chief editor)
[panelist] (the order of the kana syllabary)
・Takahiro Abe (Mitsubishi Electric Corporation general affairs department contribution to society promotion section)
・Satoshi Okuda (authorized NPO hojinhokohadarijicho)
Nito Yumeno (representative from Colabo)
Hamada still he (the JAPAN TOBACCO INC. sustainability management department)

◆Web participation application ※As soon as it reaches capacity; the deadline
When participation is hoped for, apply from the following application form.

※When you cannot use the following form, you list ① name ② belonging, post ③ e-mail address ④ phone number by email, and apply for title as "request for 12/21 contribution to society seminar Web participation" (the name). E-Mail address You repair kikin at c.akaihane.or.jp ← at in half size @, and please spend.