Yahoo! net donation (we toast the Doll's Festival with smile! Please support donation)

In Central Community Chest of Japan, we accept contribution to each donation in Yahoo! net donation by cooperation of Yahoo Japan Corporation.

Until from January 27 to the end of March, it is toasted donation campaign “ Doll's Festival with lottery with smile by agreement of Asahi Soft Drinks Co., Ltd.! Among which had you donate to serious case child, activity to spread day service for medical care child as donation ", we are carrying out drink present to four people by lot.

We have it continues and approve of "red feather welfare fund" and, from the company, have much support including contribution and "Calpis" donation for children of the whole country from 2017.
As for the donation with this lottery, red feather welfare fund and Asahi Soft Drinks Co., Ltd. which work to make children smile work together, and it is the seventh donation project.
In addition, from the company, "Calpis" is donated among the whole country 100 facilities for prize offer and children of donation with lottery of in total seriously ill child day service and child nursing home.

Children in what kind of environment toast “ Doll's Festival with smile so that the Doll's Festival can spend time with smile! Please participate in donation ".
I would like support of many of you.

※Yahoo! net donation can use contribution by T point (we can donate from 1pt, and fixed T point is available during period, too).

◆Please support from description of Yahoo! net donation (donation with lottery) - bottom link; ...
"Serious case child day service" to support medical care child and family seriously ill mind and body child with a disability is necessary

To safe day service reliable as for the care child medical seriously ill child

We want to widen "serious case child day service" having a lot of smiles