[red feather welfare fund business] "Fact of pioneer attendance at school support for high medical care child" by meeting which supported the future of NPO corporation parent and child lecture was held.

 In meeting supporting the future of non profit organization parent and child, we develop approach for the purpose of network construction of nurse supporting medical care child as the red feather welfare fund furtherance business in the school. In this year becoming the first year, we carry out model business that nurse actually enters school in plural areas, and supports medical care child and are pushing forward making of guidelines that stood on the practice.

 On 11st, on January 10, 2020, we held "fact of pioneer attendance at school support for high medical care child" lecture in 2 venues of Nagano and Niigata as place that learned approach of the advanced ground.
 We put coordinator in approach and Board of Education of Kumamoto University Hospital which developed consultation support and personnel training of shuenshugaku of medical care child, pressure to administration, and approach of Toyonaka-shi, Osaka Board of Education which located nurse who supported medical care child in the school spot was introduced on that day.
 Various places more than 130 including student who learned about protector and the welfare and nursing to have teacher and person concerned with educational administration, nurse, the welfare specialist job, doctor, child of medical care child together on both days participated.

 According to the meeting, there are many voices to want you to hold study session triggered by this holding elsewhere, and needs that want to make better thing on the support side to aim at on-site annoyance and further improvement are that it was felt.



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