We support students who leave child nursing home, and were entered in university or technical school! Report ... of the height of ... 2020 red feather welfare fund sum cram school member of society fixation support program "new coronavirus measures emergency furtherance" furtherance decision

In Central Community Chest of Japan, we carry out red feather welfare fund "seiwajukushakaijinteichakuoen program" for the purpose of support to person of child nursing home exit for resources by contribution from seiwajuku (private school of the KYOCERA Corporation founder Kazuo Inamori sponsorship) dissolved at the end of 2019.

We carried out "the new model coronavirus measures emergency furtherance" to support one 100,000 yen targeting at which incomes by part-time job decreased among this new coronavirus infectious disease to leave child nursing home with influence, and to learn in university or technical school, and held economical anxiety.

We report that we decided 198 people, the furtherance of a total of 42.5 million yen in 227 people, the second (application deadline June 30) furtherance in the first (application deadline May 31) furtherance.

Voice of students applied for from this

I would like contribution from all of you to support future independence of children who left social nursing home.

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