"Red feather welfare fund X Asahi Soft Drinks"
We support child restaurants of the whole country in hope of healthy growth of children!

Social welfare corporation Central Community Chest of Japan (chairperson Atsushi Seike) supports 100 child dining rooms as approach of "red feather welfare fund" supporting in various fields *1 aiming at solution to social problem that you should work on nationwide through community chest society of the whole country 47 pages metropolis and districts.

In this year becoming the third year, we support expense to suffer from administration of child dining room including expense to purchase expense, kitchen utensil taking over expense, venue purchasing ingredients based on contribution from Asahi Soft Drinks Co., Ltd. (president Taichi Yoneme). In addition, it is allotted for the purchase costs of expendable supplies for sterilization and hygiene management necessary for activity under the influence of infection spread of new coronavirus this year. This contribution has you donate a part of sales of "Mitsuya" at store in conjunction with (July 7) on birthday of day (March 28), "Calpis" of "Mitsuya" brand, "Calpis" brand. "Mitsuya Cider" and "Calpis water" are donated in total for child restaurant of the furtherance from the company.

Furthermore, by cooperation of the whole country meal support activity cooperation meeting, child dining rooms in the prefecture support for place and expense of network construction that it is changing invention and information of administration in 3 areas.

It is targeted for support

Support contents

①   Child restaurant of 100 whole country
      ※Breakdown attachment according to the metropolis and districts

・The furtherance of expense that it costs for administration of child restaurant
・We donate "Mitsuya Cider" 500mlPET "Calpis water" 500mlPET

② Child restaurant network construction group of 3 areas (we plan Hokkaido, Miyagi, Saitama)

・The furtherance of expense (publicity work, event expense, conferencing costs) to make network between child restaurants in the prefecture

 ※"Mitsuya Cider" "Calpis" "Calpis water" is registered trademark of Asahi Soft Drinks Co., Ltd.

Central Community Chest of Japan supported activity about "child restaurant" through the furtherance of "red feather welfare fund" until now. However, there are still many tasks in "child restaurant", and administration bases such as activity fund or human resources are weak, and activity that we continued being difficult, further support including there being few food allergy measures, consultation ahead about trouble in administration including hygiene management are required.

Furthermore, the situation that activity fund lacks is seen for being forced to stop and postponement of activity under the influence of new coronavirus infection spread, and changing activity contents to haishoku of lunch from offer of meal.
We aim at problem solution of children who by supporting for activity of such a "child dining room" by contribution from Asahi Soft Drinks Co., Ltd. which is the third year financially, hold one parent home and poor home, annoyance, and are apt to stand alone this year.

*1 "red feather welfare fund" was founded as foundation which Central Community Chest of Japan of red feather ran in 2016. We aim at community improvement that by supporting pioneer model-like business to build new activity and structure for social problem solution financially, support anyone, and is supported by public system or measure in the field that cannot support.

About red feather welfare fund 

As for the details such as the number of furtherance according to each metropolis and districts, please see the following news release.
We support child dining rooms of the whole country in hope of healthy growth of 20200731 news release "red feather welfare fund X Asahi Soft Drinks" - children! ...

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