Not Available About open call for participants of the "red feather welfare fund" 2021 furtherance business

Open call for participants of the furtherance business was finished in "red feather welfare fund" 2021.
Thank you for your much application.
(count last on 176 business, 1,131,570,000 yen ※ February 10)

 Red feather welfare fund is pioneer and is like model, and it supports for business, activity that expanse that will be of the whole country or broad-based in future can expect for solution to welfare task which cannot support by public system and service.
 This foundation recruits the furtherance business as follows in 2021.

Application essential point is this


The application deadline

It must arrive by Monday, January 18, 2021


About holding of open call for participants briefing session

We hold open call for participants briefing session with online (uebina) on raising the furtherance business in 2021.
When participation is hoped for, apply from the following application form. In addition, it is contents which are the same as both times.



Application form

1 Thursday, December 17, 2020 11:00-12:00 ※We did on the deadline
2 Friday, January 8, 2021 13:00-14:00

※We did on the deadline

※Please refer to Q&A in briefing session from the right note (the first, the second).

The furtherance summary

The furtherance amount of money

・The amount of annual furtherance upper limit per 1 business, activity is 10 million yen

The furtherance object period

・It starts from April 1, 2021, and does with up to three years (until March 31, 2024).
※But when it is adopted as business in the plural year, we confirm the achievement degree of aim every 2001 and judge the right or wrong of the continuation furtherance in screening committee.

Group which is targeted for the furtherance

・Nonprofit group (as for having juridical person or not no object) for the purpose of promotion of social welfare, community-based welfare
・Group being established at the time of application, and the enforcement system of activity (business) targeted for the furtherance being set (as for the activity number of years no object)
・Plural groups can apply by collaboration, but 1 group decides representative group gathering business, and apply
・Group aimed for expansion of specific politics, religion, antisocial power and antisocial power and group with relation are inapplicable

Business that is targeted for the furtherance

We intend for following business, activities for the purpose of supporting people holding people in confrontation with difficulty in life, people that right is violated, some kind of straight kizurasao.
Ⅰ. Direct support project, activity
Ⅱ. The making of base of support project, activity, the making of network
Ⅲ. Research business to develop full by support project, activity

About business, activity of I - III mentioned above, we intend for business, activity to satisfy factor of following five points.
・It is aimed for solution to welfare task which cannot support by public system and service
・We become pioneer, nationwide model, and can expect of the whole country or broad-based expanse
・Thing for themes that it rises in needs of society and the person concerned, and the recognition and understanding do not advance to socially
・Using conventional idea and viewpoint, technique, we create new society resources
・It cooperates with various groups, engines and collaborates and performs

Expense that is targeted for the furtherance

・We intend for expense required for business basically. We can include management expenses such as personnel expenses that business costs.

The furtherance examination

・The right or wrong of the furtherance is decided after examination by "red feather welfare fund screening committee".
・We announce on Central Community Chest of Japan homepage in March, 2021 (plan) and will tell about result by mail.

[point to focus on in examination]
①Are purpose of business, activity and contents equal to thing which this furtherance intends for?
②Are plan or the practice system appropriate for achievement of purpose of business, activity?
③Is expense multiplied appropriately?
④Is the system sending progress and result of business, activity to society widely fixed?
⑤Result of business, activity does not lead to creation of new value or suggestion of public system
⑥Are past business, activity results of application group appropriate in the furtherance enforcement?
⑦Is plan for business continuation after the furtherance appropriate?

※As you introduce past "list of furtherance business" here, at first, please refer.


Application methods

Flow of application

・Please see application essential point from the following by all means before applying. After that, please make new furtherance application book ①・②.
・You input the requirements on following application form, and you upload submission documents A - I from application form, and please transmit.
[submission documents A - I]
 A: Red feather welfare fund new furtherance application book ① (Word data format)
 B: Red feather welfare fund new furtherance application book ② (Excel data format)
 C: Terms, the rules of a society, articles of association
 D: 2019 business report
 E: 2019 financial statements material (balance sheet and activity check/income statement or the income and expenditure check)
 F: 2020 business plan
 G: 2020 cash budget book
 H: The latest officer list
 I: One point of material (only when there is) about activity results, results of research in the application-related field
※Capacity of file which we can upload with web application form is to 5MB per 1 file. About submission documents C~I, please send to the following reference by E-mail or mail about file more than 5MB.

Application essential point

Application essential point is this

New furtherance application book ①, new furtherance application book②

New furtherance application book ① is this

New furtherance application book ② is this

Application form

You input the requirements than the following, and you upload submission documents A - I, and please transmit. ※Acceptance was finished
※We can apply until 23:59 on Monday, January 18, 2021. As you cannot push application button when over this period, please apply on application with margin.



Reference about this matter

Social welfare corporation Central Community Chest of Japan fund Division (red feather welfare fund charge)
Telephone: 03-3581-3846, E-mail: (excluded on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays for from 9:30 to 17:30 on weekdays)
Address: 〒 100-0013 Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 3-3-2 new Kasumigaseki building 5F