[the furtherance business decision] We decided the furtherance business in red feather welfare fund 2021

About "the red feather welfare fund 2021 furtherance business", we carried out open call for participants until from December 2, 2020 to January 18, 2021, and application of 176 business (1,131,570,000 yen) was had by 38 metropolis and districts of the whole country.
After discussion in screening committee which held on March 1, 2021, as for the new furtherance business, 7 business (a total of 59.34 million yen), continuation furtherance business decided the furtherance to 14 business (a total of 100,001,855 yen) of 7 business (a total of 59.21 million yen) in total.
As for the business that supports, and was decided, and pioneer and model-like of the whole country in future or broad-based expanse to work on system and complex problem across the field is expected.
Through these business, it promotes solution to welfare task which cannot support by public service, and deepen cooperation with a variety of organizations, groups and promote citizen's participation and will go for the making of sustainable society which support anyone, and is supported.


The application situation (summary)

Screening committee comment

Screening committee committee member list


List of 2021 furtherance decision business

The new furtherance business

Continuation furtherance business