[of the furtherance application receptionist] We support student who leaves child nursing home, and entered a school of higher grade in university or technical school! ... which accepts application of "we support job tsukeyo support in hand" "the job hunting support furtherance" the ... height of sum cram school member of society fixation support program "new Corona measures special furtherance"

In Central Community Chest of Japan, we develop "seiwajukushakaijinteichakuoen program" for the purpose of support to person of child nursing home exit for resources by contribution from "seiwajuku" (private school of the KYOCERA Corporation founder Kazuo Inamori sponsorship) dissolved at the end of 2019 from 2018.

 Targeting at to leave child nursing home, and to learn in university or technical school, support expense to aim at "the job hunting support furtherance" to support expense to modify job hunting and the acquisition such as national qualifications; start the "job tsukeyo support furtherance application application reception desk in hand".
 In addition, because influence of new coronavirus infectious disease is prolonged, we intend for which is urgent, and incomes by part-time job decrease among which leaves child nursing home likewise this year sequentially, and learns "the new model coronavirus measures emergency furtherance" that we carried out in university or technical school in last year, and holds economical anxiety and start application application reception desk of "the new model coronavirus measures special furtherance" to support one 100,000 yen.

About both furtherance application, we will have you apply from each facility, engine such as child nursing home, independence support home, exit child support office, child consultation center.
We have you download application essential point and application documents from the following page and would appreciate your applying.

Red feather welfare fund "seiwajukushakaijinteichakuoen program" page

<application reception desk period> ※Postmark on that day is all effective

・"The new coronavirus measures special furtherance"
 The first: From Friday, April 23, 2021 to Wednesday, June 30
 The second: From Wednesday, September 1, 2021 to Friday, October 29

・"Job hunting support furtherance" and "job tsukeyo support furtherance in hand"
 The first application deadline: Friday, July 30, 2021
 The second application deadline: Thursday, September 30, 2021
 The third application deadline: Friday, December 24, 2021