[the red feather welfare fund furtherance business] "12 roles of middle supporting group at the time of disaster" by Okayama NPO center training was held

 We work on personnel training business to carry adjustment of society resources for NPO support centers of each place to learn function and role of "middle supporting group at the time of disaster" by the red feather welfare fund furtherance in Okayama NPO center, and to make use at the time of disaster.
 In late years natural disaster comes to occur every year somewhere of the whole country. We settle, and, as for the role, there is the current situation that role that support centers carry is not arranged thing that private organization such as NPO, NGO and person business experts gathers as well as administration at the time of disaster voluntarily from each place and develop support activity while it grows big year by year.
 Therefore we
arranged as "12 roles of the middle supporting group at the time of disaster" of NPO support center based on know-how that built platform of disaster support through support activities with specialty by cooperation or NPO between organizations which worked in the case of West Japan heavy rain disaster that occurred in last July in Tokyo last Monday, October 28 and carried out the training for staff of NPO support center or members of administrative occupation who carried the core of support for the purpose of the know-how offer, and 58 participated from whole country each place.

 Through this training, NPO support center joins resources such as support group and administration, company together at the time of disaster quickly, and the personnel training training collaborating cooperation of the prefectural level support system is developed in whole country each place, and platform of disaster support expects in what is built in each metropolis and districts area.

"Contribution to red feather welfare fund" from this