Offer [application acceptance was finished] of the red feather welfare fund "fifth (2020) furtherance"

 There is nationwide ripple effect with broad-based viewpoint while clarifying problem that you should work on in area for red feather welfare fund and it is pioneer and supports for model and approach that it is.
 This foundation recruits the fifth (2020) furtherance for business to work on for solution to life problem and welfare problem to be common in the whole country.
※Application acceptance of the fifth (2020) furtherance was finished. Thank you for your application from all of you.


The furtherance summary

Group which is targeted for the furtherance

・In group for the purpose of promotion of social welfare, community-based welfare, having juridical person or not does not matter. Group be established at the time of application
 It is requirement that the enforcement system of business targeted for cage, the furtherance of is regulated.
・But group for the purpose of undertaking for profit is excluded. In addition, it is close to antisocial power and antisocial power
 We assume that it is not corporation, group with relation requirements.

Business that is targeted for the furtherance

In line with response to outside needs targeted for system and problem that you should work on now for the future, creation, needs of new society resources
In connection with  thing beyond the field of ta, thing which nationwide wide area-like expanse is expected of, plural groups, related organizations, we collaborate
 Business to correspond to target section (*2) for business, activity (*1).

(* 1) ①③ research business made with the making of base, network of support project, activity ② activity
(* 2) ①Child home support section ② elderly person support section ③ child with a disability, person support section ④ disaster connection section ⑤ community-based welfare section

※In addition, idea and viewpoint that before does not have, business that stood in needs of cooperation, society and the person concerned with different field is the recognition and law of nature socially
 We welcome application of business about theme that solution does not advance to.

The furtherance object period

・Up to three years. But we do not necessarily decide the furtherance for 3 years.
※In goal setting for 3 years, confirm the achievement degree of aim every 2001, is judgment island by the right or wrong of supporting continuation in screening committee

The furtherance amount of money

Amount of annual furtherance upper limit 10 million yen

Expense that is targeted for the furtherance

・We intend for expense required for business basically. We can include management expenses such as personnel expenses that business costs.

※As you introduce past "list of furtherance business" here, at first, please refer.


Application methods

The application deadline

Friday, January 17, 2020 ※The end of the application receptionist

Application book and application submission of documents

・Please download application essential point, application book from the following.
・After that, please submit required document listed in application essential point.


About the furtherance selection

The right or wrong of the furtherance is decided after examination by "red feather welfare fund screening committee".
We announce on Central Community Chest of Japan homepage in the middle of March, 2020 (plan) and will tell about result by mail.


Downloading of application essential point  ※The fifth (2020) application acceptance was finished

You download the following application essential point, and, in application, please confirm application contents.

Red feather welfare fund fifth (2020) furtherance application essential point PDF


Downloading of application book  ※The fifth (2020) application acceptance was finished

The furtherance application book, please download both of "furtherance application book ①" "furtherance application book ②" than the following by all means.

The fifth (2020) furtherance application book ① (Word)

The fifth (2020) furtherance application book ② (Excel)


Reference about this matter

Social welfare corporation Central Community Chest of Japan fund Division (red feather welfare fund charge)
〒100-0013 Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 3-3-2 new Kasumigaseki the fifth floor of the building
Telephone: 03-3581-3846 (excluded on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays for from 9:30 to 17:30 on weekdays)