[to all of the groups targeted for the important news disaster borasapo furtherance] About the handling such as plan changes for new coronavirus infectious disease measures

 We received new coronavirus infectious disease expansion in each places of the whole country, and official announcement of emergency declaration was made by the government.

 It is put a lot cancellation of support activity adopted by the disaster borasapo furtherance, consultation of postponement to evade new coronavirus infection risk to inhabitants suffered from in the disaster area of disaster that occurred in last year.

 At first, please consult with the secretariat about changes such as during activity period from the viewpoint of infectious disease expansion prevention now when we do cancellation and postponement of activity targeted for the furtherance carried out as we will cope flexibly.

 In addition, please consult individually as we include as the furtherance object per expense that it cost in preparation for activity or will consider depending on the situation when activity targeted for the furtherance is canceled.

 We hope that we examine appropriate substitute means positively while doing support eligible people and activity participant, health and security of various places of person concerned with group with first priority to all of the groups targeted for the furtherance on the basis of the situation of these days, and warning information, the situation of associated engine of the government and the local government.

 In addition, with emergency declaration for infectious disease expansion of new coronavirus having been provided, we are doing staff of secretariat with the teleworking system in Central Community Chest of Japan during application period of the declaration.

 We would appreciate your informing of consultation in activity targeted for the disaster borasapo furtherance to the following exclusive e-mail address. The person in charge will inform sequentially, but please note that you may need time than usual.


■Address for exclusive use of consultation to disaster volunteer, NPO activity support donation (borasapo)    support@c.akaihane.or.jp

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