I would like support to "disaster volunteer, NPO activity support donation accompanied with disaster caused by heavy rain from July 3, 2020" (disaster borasapo, July, 2020 heavy rain).

We have record rain very much around the Kyushu district, and, after July 3, 2020, disasters such as flood or landslide by river levee rips occur. We are very sorry to hear that we pray soul of person who died by this disaster may rest in peace to all of you suffered from.

Support activity is beginning to be presented now NPO in the damaged prefecture with specialized technique by volunteer group.
We start contribution reception desk of "disaster volunteer, NPO activity support donation (disaster borasapo, July, 2020 heavy rain) accompanied with disaster caused by heavy rain from July 3, 2020" to support victim support activity performed by NPO, volunteer group oneself in such damaged prefecture with it is Central Community Chest of Japan.
To activity support gold "supporting person supporting" which is active at stricken area would appreciate your supporting.

"Heavy rain disaster special page in July, 2020" from this

※Contribution for disaster borasapo becomes a target of kind treatment of income tax, corporation tax as contribution for the specific public interest increase corporation.

[method of contribution]
●In the case of contribution by the Internet donation
 Contribution from this  ※By the Internet, you can donate in the credit card settlement, convenience store, page.
   ( Online Donation Form in English )

●In the case of contribution by bank transfer (Transfer Account)
 Financial institution: Sumitomo Mitsui Banking
              (Bank Code: 0009, English Bank Name: SUMITOMO MITSUI BANKING CORPORATION, SWIFTcode: SMBC JP JAPAN TOBACCO) 
 Supporting store's name: Tokyo government affairs department
             (branch Branch Code: 096, Branch Name: Tokyo Koumubu)
 Account number: (usually) 0162585 (Account No.: Saving 0162585)
 Account name: Social Welfare Corporation Central Community Chest of Japan
               (English Account Name: Central Community Chest of Japan)

※As for the remittance fee between Sumitomo Mitsui Banking The headquarters and branches, ATM, window becomes exemption together.
※We always donate disaster volunteer, NPO activity support donation (disaster borasapo) for various disasters and raise.
You appoint contribution to "disaster borasapo, July, 2020 heavy rain" and are donated by bank transfer and fill out "disaster borasapo, July, 2020 heavy rain contribution application" by all means when receipt is hoped for, and it is email, or please send to main meeting by FAX.

●Donation site by cooperation companies
By cooperation of company, we carry out contribution acceptance to victim support activity through disaster borasapo.
・You can donate from smartphone of Softbank Corporation "July, 2020 heavy rain disaster support donation project" "SoftBank" at T point.
・You can donate in "mile" from members of Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. "July, 2020 heavy rain victim support mile" JAL mileage bank.

●Introduction of donor
Company, group, personal all of you who had contribution

To NPO, all of the volunteer groups thinking about support activity at stricken area

 Please participate after confirmation in the situation and information of ... stricken area well; ...
It is principle that disaster volunteer activity is activity based on individual free intention.

However, by pushing forward disaster volunteer activity, under the present status that there is concern about new coronavirus infection, might spread infection. Ratio of elderly person among population is high in this disaster area, and expanse of infection can cause in particular situation to threaten life of inhabitants of stricken area.

Therefore you confirm the situation and information of stricken area well, and, about future volunteer activity in this disaster, please participate on the basis of intention of the prefecture and the damaged municipalities.

Japan National Council of Social Welfare of the whole countryDisaster volunteer support group networks (JVOAD) of the whole countryKumamoto disaster volunteer group network (KVOAD)Alerting is performed from this.