[the end of the application receptionist] We raise the "disaster borasapo, July, 2020 heavy rain disaster" furtherance (the short-term activity furtherance)!

Support activity by volunteer group, NPO group of damage prefecture is performed by heavy rain from July 3, 2020 that serious damage occurs over a wide area including the Kyushu district and evades new model coronavirus infection spread risk at the stricken area.
We receive such situation and carry out "disaster borasapo, July, 2020 heavy rain" (disaster volunteer, NPO activity support donation accompanied with disaster caused by heavy rain from July 3, 2020) in Central Community Chest of Japan and accept company and group, contribution from personal all of you.
For volunteer activity that administration, related organizations of disaster area announce based on the contribution alert, and, on the basis of intention, will start application reception desk of the first furtherance business among volunteer group, NPO group of damaged prefecture.
About this furtherance of "500,000 yen, 1 group one as for the amount of furtherance upper limit for less than 30 days activity period become application".
In addition, we will tell about information such as addition of application requirements or following schedule by the situation of stricken area changing every day on this homepage.

On application, we confirm the following application essential point by all means and would appreciate your applying.

Acceptance of 🔶 first furtherance offer was finished.


Application essential point is this

Disaster borasapo, July, 2020 heavy rain disaster furtherance first furtherance application essential point (the second edition)


Group (recommendation) to apply for from homepage is this

We apply from homepage ※Application acceptance was finished
※Application form can apply from July 29 to 23:59 of August 19. As you cannot push application button when over this period, please apply on application with margin.


It is this about contents of application book

①Application book (short-term activity) word format
②Application book (short-term activity expense) excel format

※Person applied for by mail downloads the ①② application book mentioned above, and please apply.


To NPO, all of the volunteer groups thinking about support activity at stricken area

Please participate after confirmation in the situation and information of ... stricken area well; ...

It is principle that disaster volunteer activity is activity based on individual free intention.

However, by pushing forward disaster volunteer activity, under the present status that there is concern about new coronavirus infection, might spread infection. Ratio of elderly person among population is high in this disaster area, and expanse of infection can cause in particular situation to threaten life of inhabitants of stricken area.

Therefore you confirm the situation and information of stricken area well, and, about future volunteer activity in this disaster, please participate on the basis of intention of the prefecture and the damaged municipalities. Japan National Council of Social Welfare of the whole countryDisaster volunteer support group networks (JVOAD) of the whole countryKumamoto disaster volunteer group network (KVOAD)Alerting is performed from this.


[reference about this matter]
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