It is five years from Kumamoto earthquake

Five years passed from evil of Kumamoto earthquake in 2016.

At stricken area in Kumamoto, restoration, revival such as shift to lasting houses such as home or disaster public housing which we rebuilt or infrastructure, facilities advance.

On the other hand, who stands alone with holding annoyance is as people who talk even if there is annoyance, and support are not without being ill with life as an evacuee and moving to new area to be prolonged, and being familiar with area. It is not that it is easy regaining connection of people who became scattered in life as an evacuee and to build new human relations in new area.

Therefore to people suffered from by earthquake watch, and activity for activity and isolated prevention is still required. In Central Community Chest of Japan, we carry out "borasapo, Kyushu" (red feather "disaster volunteer NPO activity support donation, Kyushu") to support victim support activity to be prolonged with such Kumamoto earthquake financially.

As for the donation to borasapo, Kyushu, local inhabitants whom we suffered from of Kumamoto earthquake play a key role and make use to watch for the making of connection of various people who local, adhered and community revival of disaster area, and to support approaches such as activity and information exchange and the making of place of exchange, enforcement of salon activity and event for prevention of isolation financially.

In addition, for revival of stricken area, connection of various people is brought up by supporting long victim support activity of breath that we accepted from emergency rescue operation in stricken area just after disaster occurrence to medium-and-long term restoration support activity and reconstruction aid activity through the furtherance to support activity group for each stage, and "disaster volunteer, NPO activity support donation" (borasapo) carries out red feather for the purpose of what living and area community of victim revive while disaster occurs in succession almost every year in each places of the whole country. We would appreciate your support by contribution to "borasapo, Kyushu" that lasts, and supports victim support activity of Kumamoto earthquake to support victim support activity for revival in future as well as disaster occurrence.

Approach introduction by "borasapo, Kyushu" is this!


"borasapo, Kyushu" (Kumamoto earthquake support) contribution from this


Approach introduction of the red feather "disaster volunteer NPO activity support fund-raising" (borasapo)