Under contribution acceptance to volunteer, NPO activity support donation (disaster borasapo, typhoon No.19) accompanied with typhoon No.19 disaster

Record rain fell from October 12 by typhoon No.19 that went north over 13 days very much in wide area in the East Japan, and disasters such as flood or landslide by river levee rips occurred in each place. We are very sorry to hear that we pray soul of person who died by this disaster may rest in peace to all of you suffered from.

It is anticipated that plural disaster volunteer centers are established at stricken area, and volunteer activity to modify restoration, revival of life of person suffered from will be the situation carried out in future.

In Central Community Chest of Japan, we start contribution acceptance of "volunteer, NPO activity support donation (disaster borasapo, typhoon No.19) accompanied with typhoon No.19 disaster" to support such a victim support activity. For this donation, we support stricken area through supporting person needing support for activity to support.

We would appreciate your cooperation to activity support gold "supporting person supporting".

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※When receipt is hoped for again when donation appoints utilized disaster, and "disaster borasapo, typhoon No.19" is donated, you fill out the contribution application mentioned above by all means, and it is email, or please send to main meeting by FAX.

Bank transfer [support gold acceptance account]
 Financial institution: Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Tokyo government affairs department
 Account number: (*) 0162585
 Account name: (fortune) Central Community Chest of Japan


When donate in net; from this


In addition, about the furtherance, we will announce once it's been decided on our homepage. In addition, we will tell about the situation of stricken area at any time in borasapo formula Facebook page.


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