About offer of "heavy rain disaster contribution from July 5, 2017" [the sixth report]

※In Fukuoka community chest society, we extend contribution offer period until Friday, March 30, 2018. Please cooperate.

Serious damage such as collapse of house occurred commencing with human damage in Fukuoka, Oita, and the Disaster Relief Act was announced in the plural municipalities by heavy rain from July 5, 2017.
Fukuoka community chest society recruits the following contributions for the purpose of supporting people suffered from.
Contribution which had you approach will send the total amount to all of you suffered from through contribution distribution Committee set up by the damaged prefecture.

Fukuoka community chest society "heavy rain disaster contribution from July 5, 2017"
We will send contribution which had you donate to the following account of Fukuoka community chest society to people suffered from in Fukuoka.

Homepage of Fukuoka community chest society

※Oita community chest society, contribution offer in Central Community Chest of Japan were finished on December 28. Thank you for your cooperation.
In addition, please cooperate as Oita community chest society recruits "typhoon No.18 Oita disaster contributions" sequentially.

The Oita community chest society "typhoon No.18 Oita disaster contribution offer summary second edition"

※Akita community chest society recruited contributions which affected Akita heavy rain disaster from July 22, but finished offer on August 31. Thank you for your cooperation.

Akita community chest society HP "thank you for your cooperation to Akita heavy rain disaster contribution.