Guidance of Yahoo! net donation (disaster borasapo, typhoon No.19)

It is nine years from the Great East Japan Earthquake. In community chest society of red feather, we are continuing support to people suffered from now.
In addition, we continue money of support "disaster volunteer, NPO activity support donation" (disaster borasapo) to support founded disaster volunteer in those days and carry out and make use for disaster in late years to be frequent.

Earthquake disaster support special feature of Yahoo! JAPAN during enforcement is that "I can do it in 3.11 plan now" until from March 2 to March 12,
Including stricken area of the Great East Japan Earthquake, the support fund-raising for typhoon No.19 disaster that caused serious damage to East Japan calls for contribution to "disaster borasapo, typhoon No.19" last year
I would like support in donation and share by all means.

▼Page (in photograph Clik!) of "Yahoo! net donation" disaster borasapo, typhoon No.19
※You can donate from 100 yen by credit card from 1 point at T point.

Volunteers carrying out the earth and sand and household effects of house which we suffered from. After this, we perform sterilization and drying under floor and prevent health hazard by outbreak of mold.

State of volunteer activity at refuge. For health maintenance of victim, we give acupuncture needle moxibustion (swell sudden) massage.









"My being able to do it 3.11 plan now" (in banner Clik!)
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