It is nine years from the Great East Japan Earthquake

 Nine years pass from the Great East Japan Earthquake.

 At stricken area, community to be able to assist by move and moving each other cannot keep, and there is problem worsening with the lapse of time including isolation and lonely death.
 We do hot experience by earthquake disaster with bread while many people still face various anxiety and difficulties in stricken area and place of refuge, and inhabitants are connected, and approach of the making of relations that we can assist each other is performed in each place.

 For approach, there are activities such as the making of place of exchange with victim and local inhabitants who moved to salon holding for isolation, loneliness death not to have inhabitants living in public restoration housing and healthy promotion support, holding of event to take good care of attachment and connection to area of children, new area.
 borasapo 2 (we assist stricken area inhabitants and support and raise funds) is stricken area of the Great East Japan Earthquake, and by supporting such an activity, connection of various people is brought up for revival in the stricken area and we pray for it being disaster area community revival and carry out.

 Your support would be highly appreciated secondary to borasapo 2.

Contribution to borasapo 2 is this

Miyako-shi, Iwate)

Children who were not able to have relation with the sea participated in event in the sea and, after the Great East Japan Earthquake, were able to know pleasure and charm of the sea.

Fukushima-shi, Fukushima)

Refugee and local people from Namie-machi, student, various people including NPO corporation in area University participated in public restoration housing and were able to deepen interchange.

Activity report report of other Great East Japan Earthquake borasapo 2 is this