It is four years from Kumamoto earthquake

Four years pass from Kumamoto earthquake.
In Kumamoto, disaster public housing is completed all in the end of March, 2020, and there are becoming a great many households moving to from temporary housing now.
However, moving by own strength including elderly person has many households with anxiety, and it is strongly demanded more than before assisting between inhabitants.
Collaborate with Kumamoto community chest society in Central Community Chest of Japan sequentially so far, and support activity of the local people in stricken area; "assist borasapo, Kyushu inhabitants, and carry out the activity furtherance".
"We assist borasapo, Kyushu inhabitants, and, about the activity furtherance", please see the following.

We assist borasapo, Kyushu inhabitants and move into action and support (Kumamoto community chest society homepage)

In addition, it continues in "borasapo, Kyushu" and accepts contribution.
As you can donate by credit cards than link as follows, support of all of you, please.

※Please choose "Kumamoto earthquake borasapo, Kyushu" among pull-down of "disaster borasapo" (disaster volunteer, NPO activity support donation).