We issued interim report of "disaster borasapo, July, 2020 heavy rain" furtherance group activity

By main meeting, we had much contribution for "disaster volunteer, NPO activity support donation accompanied with disaster caused by heavy rain from July 3, 2020" (disaster borasapo, July, 2020 heavy rain) from company, individuals about heavy rain disaster in July, 2020 and invited public participation for the furtherance based on the contribution twice, and the furtherance was decided on examination by screening committee.

We express sincere appreciation for all of you who had contribution support on this occasion.

As we made heavy rain middle report based on report of group where activity of this furtherance was finished in disaster borasapo, July, 2020, please see by all means.
In addition, we list activity of some groups which finished activity that received the furtherance in this report, but activity report of all decided groups will announce the furtherance some other time on this meeting homepage because there is group which continues now, and is working.

Please see heavy rain middle report than the following in disaster borasapo, July, 2020.

"borasapo, July, 2020 heavy rain" interim report Vol.1