[the end of the application receptionist] We raise the third "disaster borasapo, July, 2020 heavy rain disaster" furtherance

[about public announcement of the furtherance decision group]

About the third "disaster borasapo, July, 2020 heavy rain disaster" furtherance decision, we planned the furtherance decision public announcement of around the end of February, but, on account of the examination, should announce on this meeting homepage in "the beginning of March".
To all of you who had you apply, we would appreciate your waiting for the furtherance until public announcement of being decided for a while now.


In nine prefectures of disaster areas where the Disaster Relief Act was applied to by heavy rain from July 3, 2020, support activity to suffer from life in export and cleaning, refuge or temporary housing of household effects from flooded house by local volunteer group and NPO group is performed.

Victim support activity by volunteer is continued while strengthening the infection prevention because support including the making of community in restoration or temporary housing of damage house supports life of necessary victim even if we look good while there is no sign that infection spread of new coronavirus is settled in the present time.

We perform the furtherance business of twice by the "heavy rain disaster (volunteer, NPO activity support donation accompanied with disaster caused by heavy rain from July 3, 2020) furtherance business in disaster borasapo, July, 2020" to receive such situation, and to support victim support working volunteer group, NPO group of "July, 2020 heavy rain disaster" in Central Community Chest of Japan financially until now.

We accept application of the third furtherance business for "activity performed during periods from July 3, 2020 to June 30, 2021" among volunteer group, NPO group moving into action at the stricken area concerned because there is the situation that support activity is prolonged.

In addition, about application from damaged outside the prefecture group, please note as you establish "being activity based on support request from public engines which the local government, Japan National Council of Social Welfare, other administration, screening committees of stricken area recognize" and requirements.

In application, we have you confirm application essential point by all means and download application book ①② and would appreciate your applying than the following "application form".
※Application acceptance was finished.

●Reception desk period: From Friday, December 18, 2020 to Friday, January 15, 2021


Application essential point is this

The third "disaster borasapo, July, 2020 heavy rain disaster" furtherance application essential point


Downloading of application book is this ※Application acceptance was finished.

Please download application way of writing type from the following. In addition, application book, please make both ① (word format) and ② (excel format) after downloading by all means.

[application book of activity within 30th]
①Application book (short-term activity) word format
②Application book (short-term activity expense) excel format

[application book of activities 31 days or more]
①Application book (medium-and-long term activity) word format
②Application book (medium-and-long term activity expense) excel format


Application from this ※Application acceptance was finished. 

You input the requirements into the following application form, and you upload submission documents, and please transmit.
※Application form can apply from December 18 to 23:59 of January 15, 2021. As you cannot use application form when over this period, please apply on application with margin.


To NPO, all of the volunteer groups thinking about support activity at stricken area

Please participate after confirmation in information that is provided by the local government of ... stricken area, and there is well; ...

It is principle that disaster volunteer activity is activity based on individual free intention.
However, by pushing forward disaster volunteer activity, under the present status, might spread infection of new coronavirus. Ratio of elderly person among population is high in disaster area in particular, and expanse of infectious disease can cause situation to threaten life of inhabitants of stricken area.
Therefore, about volunteer activity in this disaster, you confirm intention and information given by the local government of damage well, and please participate. In addition, alerting is performed from Japan National Council of Social Welfare of the whole country, disaster volunteer support group networks (JVOAD) of the whole country, Kumamoto disaster volunteer group network (KVOAD).


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