It is ten years from the Great East Japan Earthquake

Ten years pass from the Great East Japan Earthquake.

For revival, inhabitants are connected newly while many people still face various anxiety and difficult life problem at stricken area of the Great East Japan Earthquake, and the making of community to assist each other is pushed forward.

"Red feather "disaster volunteer, NPO activity support donation"" (borasapo) which Central Community Chest of Japan enforced performed about 15,000, the furtherance more than 5.6 billion yen as structure which supported victim support activity that wide NPO including volunteer group by area inhabitants or student who stood up after the disaster occurrence performed in the Great East Japan Earthquake so far.

For revival of stricken area, connection of various people is brought up by supporting long victim support activity of breath that we accepted from emergency rescue operation in stricken area just after disaster occurrence to medium-and-long term restoration support activity and reconstruction aid activity through the furtherance to support activity group by "disaster volunteer, NPO activity support donation" (borasapo) and "we assist stricken area inhabitants, and support raises funds" (borasapo 2) for each stage while disaster occurs in succession almost every year in each places of the whole country and carries out for the purpose of what living and area community of victim revive.


Contribution to borasapo is this

In addition, "stricken area inhabitants assist support donation" (borasapo 2) between inhabitants in stricken area (Iwate, Miyagi, Fukushima) of the Great East Japan Earthquake assist, and make, and continue the making of local community, and support.
Support from all of you, please to support Iwate, Miyagi, long-standing activity at each stricken area of Fukushima through "borasapo 2".

Contribution to borasapo 2 is this

Miyako-shi, Iwate)

Children who were not able to have relation with the sea participated in event in the sea and, after the Great East Japan Earthquake, were able to know pleasure and charm of the sea.

Fukushima-shi, Fukushima)

Refugee and local people from Namie-machi, student, various people including NPO corporation in area University participated in public restoration housing and were able to deepen interchange.

Activity report by the "borasapo 2" except the above furtherance from this

"borasapo" would appreciate your contribution to "borasapo 2" sequentially to support victim support activity for revival in future as well as disaster occurrence.