I would like contribution cooperation to "borasapo, February, 2021 Fukushima offing earthquake disaster"! We accepted the furtherance (short-term activity) application and were finished.

With earthquake centering on the Fukushima offing which occurred on February 13, 2021, support activity for damaged house is developed led by local disaster volunteer center in disaster area.
Damage to house extends in that around big Fukushima of shaking in particular, coastal place of Miyagi, and activity with techniques such as blue seat tension to roof tile and victim support activities such as tidying up of household effects are developed by volunteer group and NPO group.
In addition, the need to push forward effective victim support activity while evading the cause of enough infection precautionary measures, infection spread risk occurs because some says that we are concerned about infection to new coronavirus at stricken area.

Victim support performs the furtherance for working activity while strengthening the infection prevention among volunteer group, NPO group performing in cooperation with local disaster volunteer center because we receive such situation, and support including restoration of damage house of "February, 2021 Fukushima offing earthquake" supports living of necessary victim in Central Community Chest of Japan and accepts contribution.
I would like cooperation from all of you to contribution for support activity.


About contribution

Donation that I took supports as expense to suffer from activity to NPO, volunteer group which supports, and is active to people suffered from in the stricken area of "February, 2021 Fukushima offing earthquake".
In addition, the furtherance concerned is decided by administration, screening committee which Central Community Chest of Japan establishes and supports volunteer activity to be engaged in relief, restoration at stricken area and utilizes for support of activity for disaster prevention, genwazawairyokumukijo and activity to be concerned with base maintenance that it comprised at the time of disaster when the remainder appears. I would like support from all of you.

About reception desk accounts of contribution, we would appreciate your top than the following that you are watching, contribution cooperation in detail.

◆Contribution to "Fukushima offing earthquake in borasapo, February, 2021" from this


About the furtherance

About this "borasapo, February, 2021 Fukushima offing earthquake disaster" furtherance, "the activity days recruit the amount of furtherance upper limit as 500,000 yen, application of one 1 group for "activity performed among volunteer group, NPO group working on at the stricken area concerned during periods from February 13, 2021 to May 31, 2021" for less than 30 days".
About the furtherance details, we would appreciate your confirmation by application essential point by all means.

※Application acceptance was finished.
●The furtherance application reception desk period: From Monday, March 29, 2021 to Monday, April 12, 2021


Application essential point

You download the following application essential point, and please confirm the furtherance details by all means.
※Application acceptance was finished.

"borasapo, February, 2021 Fukushima offing earthquake disaster" application essential point


Application from this ※Application acceptance was finished.

About application, please submit the requirements after input than the following furtherance application form. You have you confirm application essential point well, and you attach necessary submission documents to the furtherance application form, and please submit.

※Application form is from March 29 to 23:59 of April 12. We cannot use application form when over this period.



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