We carry out the furtherance application (the medium-and-long term furtherance) of "disaster borasapo, typhoon No.19". Not Available

We are carrying out open call for participants of the furtherance (activity days less than 30 days, furtherance upper limit 500,000 yen) now in short term of "disaster volunteer, NPO activity support donation" (disaster borasapo, typhoon No.19) on the deadline on November 25 to support volunteer group, NPO working at stricken area caused by typhoon No.19 that hangs on 13th from October 12, 2019, and went north with Central Community Chest of Japan.
We will carry out open call for participants of the furtherance for medium-and-long term for 31st or more in the activity days in future because it is thought that support activity is prolonged.
The application deadline is Sunday, December 8 [must arrive]. For more details, please see application essential point from the following application page. We look forward to application.
※When we apply for "disaster borasapo, typhoon No.19" (short-term activity), we can apply for this furtherance business for a short term if activity is another business.

(November 18 postscript)
・About handling of the travel expenses and the hotel charges accompanied with the furtherance application
<the travel expenses>
About the travel expenses accompanied with volunteer activity at typhoon No.19 stricken area, traffic price for free measures of expressway and discount measures such as fares various about movement to stricken area using public transport from each railroad company (the Shinkansen) and motor carrier (express bus) are performed now from each expressway.
Please apply for the travel expenses becoming more needed after having utilized these reduced fare mentioned above in the furtherance application. Expressway for free measures are published in page of zenshakyo, stricken area support disaster volunteer information "expressway for free measures by request from the damaged local government". Discount information for disaster volunteers of public transport is introduced in this site.

<the hotel charges>
It was decided that we introduced "fukkou percent" to discount travel expenses 5,000 yen per night for 1 people to support sightseeing revival of 14 capital prefectures that suffered from a series of typhoons, heavy rains including typhoon No.19. We are going to carry out from the beginning of December to the end of March. Please apply for the hotel charges becoming more needed after having utilized these measures in the furtherance application. About future trend, please see from the following page.
Sightseeing in typhoon No. 15 and No. 19 support operating cost application, please identify this in 2019


◆We support and apply for "disaster borasapo, typhoon No.19"