Disaster, stricken area support of red feather

In community chest society of red feather, we support disaster, stricken area support activity with various forms such as not only red feather community chest carrying out but also money of support (borasapo) or contribution for disaster to occur in the country every year.

"Fukushima offing earthquake in February, 2021" support special site from this!

"Heavy rain disaster in July, 2020" support special site from this!

Red feather "disaster volunteer, NPO activity support donation" (borasapo) contribution site


Disaster volunteer, NPO activity support donation (borasapo) [money of support]


  • At the time of disaster, volunteer and NPO rush to stricken area and work on activity of reconstruction aid including victim support and town planning.
  • In Central Community Chest of Japan, we install red feather "disaster volunteer, NPO activity support donation" (borasapo) as structure of fund support to support such volunteers and support activity of NPO and perform the furtherance for offer and activity of donation.
  • In borasapo, we always accept donation to affect disaster support, but, at the time of disaster occurrence, carry out borasapo which identified disaster.
  • By accepting regular donation, not only disaster occurrence, working group can support victim support quickly.
  • We can make use of contribution for victim support activity required most in timing said to be the most necessary.
  • In addition, borasapo is made use of for base maintenance activity for preparations that we prepared for at the time of utilization and disaster for local disaster prevention, genwazawairyokumukijo.

Structure of borasapo

We establish administration, screening committee by third party (outside man of intelligence) and perform appropriate administration, furtherance with fairness based on administration summary. In addition, we utilize the whole of Tokyo prefectures municipality and network with related organizations to perform the appropriate furtherance and hold information sharing from hatsuwazawaitosho.


Administration, screening committee committee member list

Administration summary

"The furtherance policy to affect the furtherance at the time of disaster"

The furtherance policy to affect "base maintenance for disaster"


Contribution (contribution method, the taxation system kind treatment) for borasapo

  • We accept donation to always affect disaster support in borasapo, but, at the time of disaster occurrence, carry out contribution offer that identified disaster.
    *When the remainder appears in borasapo which identified disaster, we utilize for inspection of disaster and later disaster prevention, genwazawaikatsudo, support activity of disaster that will be possible in the future.
  • By accepting regular donation, victim support activity group can support borasapo quickly not only disaster occurrence.
  • In addition, borasapo is made use of for base maintenance activity for preparations that we prepared for at the time of utilization and disaster for disaster prevention, genwazawairyokumukijo.

Merit of donor 

  1. Contribution includes kind treatment in the taxation system. (corporation tax, subtraction preferential treatment of personal income tax)
  2. We will present letter of thanks from Central Community Chest of Japan. (standard depends on/hope that there is)
  3. We will publish donor name (the name) in Central Community Chest of Japan homepage and report. (standard depends on/hope that there is)
  4. It moves into action by annual reports and reports. In addition, we carry out activity reports individually (it depends on hope)

Contribution with credit card, convenience store

Please file for contribution using credit card and convenience store than the following.


※Concerning payment system, the amount of contribution includes the upper limit lower limit.
※All personal information that had you input encrypts, and they are handled by SSL method.

Contribution by transfer from financial institution

Financial institution

Supporting store's name

Account number

Account name

Sumitomo Mitsui Banking

Tokyo government affairs department

(*) 0162585

(fortune) Central Community Chest of Japan

※Remittance fee suffers only from Sumitomo Mitsui Banking The headquarters and branches indoors exemption.

Various contribution methods

"With a click donation" of J-Coin Pay application
With "feeling." of BOOKOFF CORPORATION (we sell article which became unnecessary and donate)


About contribution application, receipt issuance

  • We utilize money of support that I took for support such as volunteer activity at stricken area of disaster to occur in the country including the support activity fund furtherance by NPO to people suffered from by disaster.
  • Please send email or FAX to main meeting after downloading contribution application, and having filled in the requirements. In addition, it is necessary to attach receipt of published by this meeting, and to go through the procedure in tax office to get tax break of donation.
  • As you accept contribution that appointed specific disaster (the Great East Japan Earthquake, Kumamoto earthquake), please refer from the following "contribution that appointed specific disaster".

Contribution application (Excel format) 


About the taxation system kind treatment of contribution to borasapo

For contribution, we can receive the following preferential treatment.
・In the case of personal contribution: Deductions from income of income tax or tax credit
・In the case of corporation contribution: Special loss of money inclusion of corporation tax

※For more details, please inquire whether you see the following to the nearest tax office.
About the taxation system kind treatment of contribution to borasapo

Please see this about the taxation system kind treatment of donation in detail.

Contribution that appointed specific disaster

We are accepting contribution to borasapo (money of support) which identified disaster now.

Inquiry about borasapo

We take inquiry about borasapo to the following casually.

[contribution, receipt issuance, reference about the furtherance business]
Central Community Chest of Japan fund Division (borasapo charge)
Telephone 03-3501-9112/FAX 03-3581-5755 (weekdays from 10:00 to 18:00 to remove on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)

Inquiry email receipt@c.akaihane.or.jp about receipt issuance
Inquiry email support@c.akaihane.or.jp about the furtherance business


Voice from company which had you donate to borasapo

  • We donated to stricken area with feeling to entrust with thought that employee who could not rush was irritated by immediately even if deeply worried about the news in state of stricken area that we saw (chemical industry Company P)
  • We think that customer and stockholder can announce what we donate for disaster that is greatly reported at that point (transportation industry Company Q)
  • As we called each domestic base and could carry out company-wide donation campaign, we utilized (precision instrument manufacturing industry Company R)
  • We judged required disaster and thought that believability was high as we were supported with fairness by fair examination (manufacturing industry Company S)

Liability reserve (community chest) such as disasters

Administration fund ... of ... disaster volunteer center

Disasters save 3% of community chest as liability reserve every year to support volunteer activity at stricken area in community chest society. Community chest is campaign that area is performed to unit for metropolis and districts, but when large-scale disaster occurs, community chest society of the whole country contributes liability reserve such as disasters across the metropolis and districts area and supports stricken area.

Disaster volunteer activity support project meeting (support P)

Administration support ... of disaster volunteer center utilized strength of ... a variety of networks

For disaster volunteer activity support project meeting (support P) helping activation of disaster volunteer activity in victim support, Central Community Chest of Japan carries the secretariat in network constructed by company, NPO, Japan National Council of Social Welfare, community chest society.
We are cool and dispatch administration supporter and receive support from company, and, for disaster volunteer center set up at the time of disaster occurrence by the damaged municipalities, administration by shikizaihisagekyo and article offer supports experience and network which we cultivated so far.

The disaster volunteer activity support project meeting details this (homepage)

Disaster contribution

Ex gratia payment ... to ... people suffered from

In community chest society, we take contribution for victim support depending on the application situation of the Disaster Relief Act at the time of disaster occurrence. Contribution is placed as fund supporting the present life of suffered from with character as ex gratia payment to person suffered from by disaster.
I hand the total amount of contribution which had you donate in community chest society to victims as ex gratia payment through contribution distribution committee which the damaged metropolis and districts government sets up.

Disaster that is accepting donation now

We are accepting contribution for the following disasters now.

Disaster that occurred in 2020

Disaster that occurred in 2019

Disaster that occurred in 2018

Disaster before 2017