2019 typhoon No.15 disaster

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 Damage such as damage of house produced the Kanto district by typhoon No.15 that went north around Chiba over nine days from last September 7.
 In addition, large-scale blackout and water outage occur, and big influence exits for civic life in heat.
 Plural disaster volunteer centers begin to be established at stricken area, and volunteer activity to affect restoration, revival is the situation carried out now in future.
 Therefore, in Central Community Chest of Japan, we will perform offer of "volunteer, NPO activity support donation (disaster borasapo, typhoon No.15) accompanied with typhoon No.15 disaster" to support such a victim support activity.
 Contribution snuggles up to people whom we suffered from and by supporting volunteer activity to support restoration, revival, it is form and is made use directly at stricken area.
 We would appreciate your cooperation to activity support gold "supporting person supporting".

Amount of contribution (as of March 24, 2020) 34,709,891 yen to disaster borasapo, typhoon No.15
Amount of contribution (as of total March 24, 2020) 362,741,869 yen to disaster borasapo after August 30, 2019

borasapo formula Facebook page (we will tell about information about support at any time at stricken area and disaster)