We do borasapo activity report

A. About activity report using this society homepage (recommendation)

In the group which the furtherance decided this time, activity report, please after checking "guide of adjustment" publishing as follows by all means from this meeting homepage.

Downloading (for homepage report) of guide of activity report

This homepage reports

※When you have you report from homepage, please be careful as it is necessary to have you mail bill.

Downloading of bill

i. About activity report by mail

 When activity report that we turn on this meeting homepage is difficult, please mail material publishing as follows to input, note mine, main meeting containing after downloading.

Downloading (for mail) of guide of activity report

Submission documents Point to keep in mind
Activity report
Downloading (word format)

Please fill in contents of activity that you utilize grant and worked on briefly.
※As report to all of you who had you donate, we release contents on homepage.

The income and expenditure report
Downloading (excel format)

Please fill in the income and expenditure of business that utilized this grant.
Please do not fill out about expense excluding.

Adjustment statement
Downloading (excel format)

Please fill in the details of expense using this grant.
Please send including copy of receipts 10,000 yen or more.

Activity daily report
Downloading (word format)
You fill out by Grant Making case of personnel expenses, every month 5th, and please mail.
For more details, please confirm by all means as you list in notice of furtherance decision.


[submission, reference]
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