Kumamoto earthquake

Kumamoto earthquake
2016 April 14 and 16 outbreak
50 death tolls
220 earthquake disaster-related death tolls
8,657 building complete destruction
196,325 number of the refugees (maximum)
※As of March, 2019

Five years are going to pass from evil of Kumamoto earthquake in 2016.

At stricken area, extraction rate to lasting houses such as home or disaster public housing which we rebuilt is higher than 99%, and restoration, revival such as infrastructure, facilities advance.

On the other hand, I stand alone with holding annoyance and am as people who talk even if there is annoyance, and support are not without being ill with life as an evacuee and moving to new area, and being familiar with area.

It is not that it is easy regaining connection of people who became scattered in life as an evacuee and to build new human relations in new area.

We watch, and activity for activity and isolated prevention is required to support such people.


borasapo, Kyushu (red feather "disaster volunteer, NPO activity support donation" Kyushu)

It becomes important to support various places suffered from by activity that stricken area inhabitants assist or volunteer, NPO group entering support at the whole country continuously for long term to rebuild life and community at stricken area in not only urgent support but also the future.

By contribution (money of support) to have you put from of the whole country for the purpose of supporting activity that inhabitants assist in this way at stricken area, volunteer, NPO group supporting to people suffered from again economically in Central Community Chest of Japan, we carry out "borasapo, Kyushu".

Local inhabitants whom donation that had you approach to "borasapo, Kyushu" suffered from play a key role and utilize to watch for the making of connection of various people who local, adhered and community revival of disaster area, and to support approaches such as activity and information exchange and the making of place of exchange, enforcement of salon activity and event for prevention of isolation financially.

borasapo, Kyushu report vol.1 is this

borasapo, Kyushu report vol.2 is this


The furtherance information

Contribution amount of money 594,916,172 yen (as of April, 2021)

Furtherance situation 726 521,670,000 yen (as of April, 2021)

※The first furtherance decision 88 154.97 million yen (July, 2016)

About decision of borasapo, the Kyushu first furtherance

※The second furtherance decision 44 68.91 million yen (November, 2016)

About decision of borasapo, the Kyushu second furtherance

※The third furtherance decision 50 105.64 million yen (April, 2017)

About decision of borasapo, the Kyushu third furtherance

※The fourth furtherance decision 45 89.25 million yen (October, 2017)

About decision of borasapo, the Kyushu fourth furtherance

※The fifth furtherance decision 39 84.72 million yen (March, 2018)

About decision of borasapo, the Kyushu fifth furtherance

The borasapo, Kyushu furtherance business application essential point (the fifth edition) <<) that reference (furtherance is finished >>

※Assist inhabitants in 2018; furtherance 87 3,812,000 yen

※Assist inhabitants in Heisei 31 (Raiwa 1); furtherance 208 9,691,000 yen

※Assist inhabitants in 2020; furtherance 165 4,677,000 yen



Kumamoto community chest society recruits contributions for visit to people suffered from. The total amount is remitted to the municipalities through damaged prefectural administration by community chest society and will send contribution which I took to people suffered from.

Until reception desk period Tuesday, March 31, 2020


The distribution situation (Kumamoto prefectural government office HP)

Disaster volunteer center support

In Kumamoto, we set up disaster volunteer center in Kumamoto-shi, Mashiki-machi, Nishihara-mura, 19 Japan National Council of Social Welfare including Minamiaso-mura to support victim caused by Kumamoto earthquake. Support such as removal or tidying up of house which collapsed by a total of 120,000 volunteers who gathered from the whole country was carried out.

Expenses such as equipment such as scoops or temporary restroom, office appliance occur for administration of disaster volunteer center. We received contribution of "liability reserve such as disasters" from national community chest society and we supported a total of 286.35 million yen and supported administration with Kumamoto community chest party.

About liability reserve such as disasters