North Osaka earthquake

By earthquake centering on North Osaka that occurred on June 18, 2018, house more than about 60,000 suffered around North Osaka area, and lifelines such as water supply, gas stopped, and damage occurred in many dwelling houses.

By supporting for volunteer and support activity by NPO to support needing support through donation offer to "money of volunteer, NPO activity support to affect North Osaka earthquake" to support such a victim support activity in the stricken area of North Osaka earthquake, support stricken area and victim support activity with Central Community Chest of Japan.

About summary of North Osaka earthquake (at June 27, 2018)


Contribution a total of 19,396,183 yen (count last on November 7, 2018)

Acceptance of contribution to "volunteer, NPO activity support gold which affected North Osaka earthquake" was finished.

We sincerely appreciate contribution from many of you and support.


As we issued "2018 North Osaka earthquake stricken area support activity furtherance business" report about contents of the furtherance business that we carried out based on contribution, please see than link than the following.


North Osaka earthquake stricken area support activity furtherance business report is this for 2,018 years