Year-End Mutual Support


Name Year-End Mutual Support
Implementation period From December 1, 2020 to December 31 one month
The donation target

4,407,716,644 yen

Reception desk of donation We accept donation at window of the nearest community chest society.
Contact information of the nearest community chest society (community chest Committee), please search area in "red feather database hanetto".
Of donation use, and rise ⑴Community-based welfare activity that local wide people who assume the end of the year and the New Year opportunity participate in
⑵Support to (household) with the local welfare needs
⑶The making of structure of safety net by cooperation
Implementation guideline 2020 Year-End Mutual Support exercise implementation guideline (PDF)
It is driven by promotion Composition that is necessary depending on the local fact led by Japan National Council of Social Welfare, local welfare officer children's committee meeting, community chest Committee


Of donation use, and rise

Learning support, child restaurant administration support of children such as example 1 one pro-families
Nagata-ku, Kobe-shi Japan National Council of Social Welfare (Hyogo)

In Nagata-ku Japan National Council of Social Welfare, the making of place to stay of child including place of learning support and the dinner supports working group for child and the home where enough environment is not regulated well in the home including one pro-family and working together home.
We purchased hot plate (working under takoyaki caliber) by the furtherance of Year-End Mutual Support and were able to eat happily while making with children. For children, it is experience important at all to obtain opportunity of interchange with various people.
Thank you very much.

It is worked on learning support to child and family with the origin by example 2 foreign country
: Yokochi project (Kanagawa, Hiratsuka-shi)

By Yokochi project, we support home with the origin and connection with local inhabitants in foreign country living in Yokouchi, Hiratsuka-shi more than 20 years. We performed Japanese classroom for learning support and adult of child, life, education consultation with volunteer by local inhabitants. For grant of Year-End Mutual Support, it inflected for the purchase of the learning teaching materials which contents turned into year by year and experience-based event. Children are area and valuable opportunity to lead any place other than the school and really appreciate.

We see about activity in detail


It is said to be beginning of cooperation exercise at the end of the year that Lieutenant General Gunpei Yamamuro of the Salvation Army advocated in 1906 (Meiji 39) saying "we send comfort bag for soldiers to soldier of front during Japan and Russia war, and consolation will encourage needy family fighting against poverty now of the victory". The Mainichi Shimbun (unlike note, the current Mainichi Shimbun) depending on that raised money of sympathy through the space and called general people. Afterwards, early global slump of the Showa era was opportunity, and sympathy week spread out in each places of the whole country at the end of the year when the area business furtherance society hosted. For this donation, rice cakes were distributed to poor people, but this fund-raising was canceled as war intensified.

In confused society economic conditions after the war, there were many people who needed person of war damage, repatriate, the war disabled, help including unemployed person, and the everyday life was very miserable. Therefore, plan to develop "national exercise to help each other" by proposal of the government was pushed forward. In addition, it was federation of all-Japan local welfare officer, but planned "year-end sympathy campaign".
However, plan of community chest campaign was pushed forward at the same time and, with adjustment of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, was gathered up as "community chest", and community chest began as "national cooperation community chest exercise". With this movement, movement to raise year-end sympathy products again happened in each place separately from community chest naturally. This is beginning of Year-End Mutual Support. Afterwards, it developed as year-end cooperation campaign that local welfare officer, children's committee meeting hosted. In each places of the whole country, life consultation, health consultation, employment placement were hard to live at year-end time, and wide activity including consolation, encouragement to person was performed.

In 1959 (Showa 34), year-end cooperation donation becomes part of community chest, and, among year-end cooperation exercise, each metropolis and districts community chest society and municipalities community chest committee will handle as community chest about "donation and article from donor".

Revision of exercise implementation guideline was made in 2015 (2015) years, and changes of slogan and enforcement policy were performed by purpose to further promote the making of understanding of inhabitants for the life poor, abuse in state of social isolation and the economical poverty, development of support activity to various places where we suffered from by the Great East Japan Earthquake or heavy rain disaster in various places that held contemporary life problem such as rights abuses and solution, prevention, the system maintenance.

Change (year-end cooperation) of donation

The year Amount of money (unit: 1,000 yen)
H20(2008) 5,207,336
H21(2009) 4,987,852
H22(2010) 4,851,018
H23(2011) 4,797,872
H24(2012) 4,644,037
H25(2013) 4,585,456
H26(2014) 4,451,340
H27(2015) 4,391,668
H28(2016) 4,302,732
H29(2017) 4,211,534
H30(2018) 4,111,642
R1(2019) 4,016,572